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My first response to requests like that from vendors is: “can you map another XAML 2 attribute of my choosing to that on your side?” I’m assuming you’ve already asked them that or, even if not, that the answer is no if they’re giving you something that specific. But if you haven’t asked, it can’t hurt to at least try. Even if the answer is no, it _might_ make them think about it.

I’ve got a hand full of one-off attributes defined in my IdP. It’s never pretty, and it’s extra work for a single SP, but for half baked SP implementations, it’s sometimes the only way to make it work.


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A newly licensed vended service Is requesting I release “sis_login_id” attribute. Is this more than a blinkered “We’ll make it up as we go along” integration policy? Is “sis_login_id” a more widely used attribute I need to keep track of? How are you responding to this or similar requests or demands from SPs?

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