Forwarding to IDPs based on email domain of user

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My org has used Shib SP for some time, going to multiple IDPs.

A change will happen where users with a particular set of email domains will be removed from our main IDP, but we still need to authenticate them.

Is there a way, with SAML, to forward a user to a preferred IDP based on the user's email address?

More Info:

Our first thought was to setup a shibboleth IDP that looks at the email domain of the user and, if its one of the domains not supported by the main IDP anymore, this shibboleth IDP authenticates the user against LDAP. But, if domain is in the main IDP, this Shibboleth IDP forwards, through SAMLProxying or Federation (or something?), the user to the main IDP.

In short, we want the main IDP to continue to be the preferred IDP for all the domains it services, and the new IDP to only handle the domains that the main one doesn't cover.

I'm having a hard time finding info on how you would accomplish that with SAML.

Most the stuff I'm finding seems to solve it by the URLs, where you have users of the main IDP go to, say, "" but users of the other IDP go to "". We would prefer to keep URLs the same and instead base it off email domain if thats possible.

Any help would be appreciated.


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