Logout notifications always red X (failed)

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Aug 11 18:58:04 UTC 2021

Er, I guess now that I think about it,  the frame deny default wouldn't break logout in that fashion, so no obvious ideas, other than I can't think of too many of these "it broke" threads that didn't ultimately end up as a consequence of not actually upgrading.

-- Scott

On 8/11/21, 2:48 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at osu.edu> wrote:

    On 8/11/21, 2:35 PM, "users on behalf of Petr Hroudný" <users-bounces at shibboleth.net on behalf of petr.hroudny at gmail.com> wrote:

    > Shibboleth 3 reported correct logout status. 

    Did you actually upgrade, or did you start from scratch? There are lots of reasons why it could have changed if you didn't actually upgrade, starting with defaults around framing, and there are none I'm aware of if you did.

    -- Scott

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