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> That's it. See [1], Advanced Topics, Custom Events.
> If it doesn't work, you won't have to wonder, it will die with a webflow
> error when you try to signal it.

Oh yes…got those before I cottoned on. I read [1] but did not initially
generalize correctly to multiple flows. Thanks for validating.

I think this means “mfa” configuration is that plus a lot more
functionality, such as these real-time interrupts.

[Just FYI: One of those configured flows stops access by accounts of former
and prospective members to most applications while allowing them to access
selected exceptions (such as payment gateway - we don’t want to block
payments!); the second stops any access even for otherwise valid SSO
session for accounts with an admin lock attribute (the SSO session may
predate the admin lock).]

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> [1]
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