SAML Proxying - KB article referencing files that don't exist in a clean install of v4.1.4

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Mon Aug 2 09:56:01 UTC 2021

> On 2021-08-01, at 04:45, Anthony K <ak.shib at> wrote:
> Hi there.
> I've installed a new Shibboleth IdP - v4.1.4 - and got it working just fine for username/password against a test site at [0].  I'm now trying to get SAML Proxying to another IdP working with documentation found at [1].  In that documentation, there's mention of files - such as [2] and [3] - that are not found in this new deployment.

The documentation covers both 4.0 and 4.1. You need to be careful that you're reading the sections applicable to the version you're installing.

So, for example:

Current File(s): conf/authn/saml-authn-config.xml (V4.0), conf/authn/ (V4.1+), conf/relying-party.xml

For a fresh 4.1 installation, you should find the properties that you need in conf/authn/, not in the old location.

> What have I done wrong?  Am I using the wrong documentation?  Should I not have deployed v4.1.4 directly?  Perhaps I should have installed an earlier version and then upgraded?

This is the right documentation. Installing 4.1.4 directly is the right thing to do for a new deployment, the configuration is a bit simpler in general and you're not faced with a lot of files for functionality you're not using (the module system in 4.1 cleans things up a lot).

There may still be issues in the documentation, of course, so let us know if it's still not working for you. 

    -- Ian

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