ELException on IdP 4.0.1

Rod Widdowson rdw at steadingsoftware.com
Thu Nov 26 11:36:06 UTC 2020

My apologies, I've not been following this thread closely but:

> <bean id="shibboleth.context-check.Condition"
>    parent="shibboleth.ContextFunctions.Scripted"
>    factory-method="inlineScript">

I may be wrong, but are you not still plugging in a Function (parent="shibboleth.ContextFunctions.Scripted") into a bean which expects a Predicate?

I haven't got all the beans swapped in but I'm guessing that for your simple example you'd need a parent of "shibboleth.Conditions.Scripted".  

Other will be able to say, but there may be a Function to Predicate bridge if you have to use the ContextFunctions 


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