Use of the SP on macOS?

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Fri Nov 20 17:05:08 UTC 2020

> On 2020-11-19, at 20:42, Spencer Thomas <Spencer.Thomas at> wrote:
> (although whether Docker will continue to run in MacOS is up in the air, I guess.)

Not really up in the air, I'm glad to say.

Docker Desktop for Mac runs fine on Intel Macs under Big Sur.

For "Apple Silicon" Macs, Docker have publicly stated an intention to make things work once the other things they rely on have been ported. Here's a blog entry from them: <>

Unless you're a really early adopter, that's likely to be done before you have a machine to try it on.

Obviously the remaining issue is that Intel-based container images won't run on Apple Silicon (i.e., ARM-based) processors.The good news is that a lot of base images are available in a multi-architecture format already. For example, if you're running Docker on some other kind of ARM box (Raspberry Pi, for example), there's a CentOS 7 base image you can use already, and has been for some time.

The SP itself is very portable, and I spun up an ARM VM in EC2 back in July when the original Apple Silicon announcements came out. It compiled and ran basic smoke tests without problems. I'd expect that getting the SP running under Docker on Apple Silicon will be relatively straightforward. I doubt that it would be one of our supported platforms, though, for obvious reasons.

    -- Ian

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