IDP 4 attribute release issue

Beytrison Olivier olivier.beytrison at
Fri Nov 20 14:33:33 UTC 2020


I'm currently working on migrating our Shibboleth (Switch-AAI) IDP from 3.2
to 4.0.1.
I'm facing a very last issue for which I can't find any reason.

I'm logging on the AAI Attributes viewer tool to see if all attributes are
released and present in the assertion.
I can successfully log in on the IDP. I get all the required attributes
displayed in the user content dialog.
But on the SP and in the assertion, only half of them are presents.

I don't get any error in the the debug logs during the attribute
resolver/release phase. So I guess something weird happen between the
consent being accepted and the asssertion being sent.

Any idea where I should look for ?

Olivier B.
Olivier Beytrison                                   HES-SO//Fribourg
System Architect 

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