Donald Lohr lohrda at
Thu Nov 12 16:29:58 UTC 2020

If your school rolled out QuestionPro (for whatever the reason), you 
likely had to use a "IdP Initiated" model as we did.  Which also did not 
support enabling SSO for individual surveys.

We found out during the end of Oct that they now support a SP Initiated" 
model.  QuestionPro has to enable a portal feature on your instance, 
then on the QuestionPro Global Settings/SSO Authentication section, a 
"SP Initiated SSO" enable/disable button appears.  Shibboleth changes 
require getting new metadata and using nameID set as emailAddress.

Once we made that change this morning, we can now add SSO to a given 
survey. And using that survey's url, SSO login works for said survey. 
And in a Responses section (I was watching it on a Zoom shared screen) 
you can see the email address for the user(s) that when through the survey.


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