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Steve Herrera sherrera at
Mon Nov 2 19:57:20 UTC 2020

Hello All,
We have one SP who requires us to use an Unsolicited url to pass attributes
to them rather than the request be SP-initiated like most places do.
Running Ubuntu 18.04 IDP 3.4.4

My issue is when the user goes to the unsolicited URL to login, that works
just fine. But when they log out of the SP and immediately use the
unsolicited URL again to try and log back in it gives the Stale Request
error, similar to hitting the back button. I've had them close the browser
and start it again. Same results. We are using the clientside cookie to
retain the consent selection and idp.session.StorageService =
For user sessions.  Is this normal behavior for this type of setup? None of
our other SP's that are configured to be SP-initiated have this issue.

Thank you.
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