Shibboleth Idp3 as docker install on AWS

smathew smathew at
Tue May 26 14:44:51 UTC 2020

We currently have 3.1.1 and I am trying to deploy 3.4.6 docker image.

I have the following questions regarding the docker image:
1. The docker image exposes 443. Our setup offloads SSL at F5 (or in case of
AWS at load balancer). Is there an image that exposes port 8080?

2. The run command has the following:
-v ${PWD}/credentials/tomcat:/opt/certs \

What are the expected files for tomcat credentials? Can I install
self-signed cert for this?

3. The run command has the following:
-v ${PWD}/wwwroot:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT \

Is this the same as tomcat/webapps/ROOT ?

Thanks for answering the questions.


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