selectively inhibit previous session

Jim Fox fox at
Thu May 21 22:00:12 UTC 2020

> There are two conditions you can attach now. The original one that's named consistently with all the objects in the system is the "activationCondition" that controls whether Password can run at all. That would not be the one that applies here.
> The later addition is called "reuseCondition" and is separate. It's a hook for *reuse* of a result from the flow, not initial use. It controls SSO behavior of a result.
> It was added precisely because of what you're asking about. You want the flow to run, but you want it to run *again* now and not be skipped because of condition X.
> Both are properties on the beans in general-authn.xml but they're separate.
Yes, I might have misunderstood the meaning of reuse.  If it's set on Password, then its the existing Password 'session' 
that's being denied or allowed.  And I can use a reuseCondition-ref to get a bean involved in this?


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