Support for X509SubjectName Name ID

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He's saying you have a LOT to worry about if the other side of the SAML relationship is accepting unsigned SAML responses.  If you choose to integrate with an SP that accepts unsigned SAML responses you're risking major account impersonation among a number of other security risks.

If I found out an SP was accepting unsigned I would immediately pull that SP metadata out of my IDP.

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Signing is the default - not following you.

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> OK fixed that, there were a handful - the settings must have been set false while testing a new SP implementation then
> propagated to a few others. All applications work with default settings now.

It's much more serious. It's not whether they work with defaults, it's whether they work with no signing. That is a total security break. And yes, lots of those exist. More common is the "accept any signing key" bug, but this exists too.

-- Scott

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