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Thu May 14 18:28:29 UTC 2020

We use eDirectory (with NetIQ Identity Manager) and have this working.

I can share the script we use to keep groups in check if you're interested.


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> > Is there a way to obtain memberOf for nested groups memberships?
> I do believe this is a function of your ldap server.
> If you can query your ldap server for a particular user and their
> 'memberOf' attribute contains groups that they're only indirect members of,
> then Shibboleth will see it the same way.
> IBM TDS, as an example, requires that you use the non-standard
> 'ibm-allgroups' attribute instead of 'memberOf' for getting information
> like this.  The grouping structure is also non-standard.  Groups that are
> members of other groups must be listed as "ibm-membergroup" instead of
> "member".  At least that's what I've found.
> I do believe OpenLDAP is more straightforward and intuitive than that, if
> that's what you're using.
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