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Fri May 8 08:37:07 UTC 2020

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    BÖSCH Christian schrieb/wrote (08.05.20 09:15):
    > No, same problem again.
    > It still complains about the opening parenthesis like in the error above....

    I found that the documentation missed to tell about required dependency declarations
    in the <DataConnector>.

    Please try adding the following dependency to your DataConnector:

            <InputAttributeDefinition ref="krbPrincipalname" />

    (Without it, the Velocity engine doesn't know the variable "$krbPrincipalname"
    and doesn't touch the expression.)

    Having such a dependency, it may also work for attribute names with underscores
    (e.g. "krb_principalname").

Thanks Daniel, that's the solution. Now it works.



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