XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace

Mak, Steve makst at upenn.edu
Thu May 7 12:47:38 UTC 2020

Since this is an old testing Shibboleth 3.x IdP server and a Shibboleth 
3.x SP server, should we just put the IdP metadata from 
https://it-federation-dev.jmu.edu/idp/shibboleth into a file and 
reference it in the SP shibboleth2.xml file as a locally referenced file 
and when we move to Shibboleth v4 servers, we don't do non standard 
config, if that is what this email thread plays out to be what our issue is?

My organization does not rely on SPs pulling our metadata from a web server. We send the file over in email and the SPs configure their side with a static file or static data. We only host the /idp/shibboleth endpoint for metadata for those vendors that refuse to operate without a metadata URL, which are very few. And we've recently started referring these SP to the MDQ service instead. But we make sure that our hosted endpoint uses XML signing.

This is what the IdP xml file config looks like in SP, it's very simple:

        <MetadataProvider type="XML" path="dev_jmu-metadata.xml" />

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