Shibboleth OIDC configuration testing

sherrera sherrera at
Fri May 1 17:07:44 EDT 2020


One of our service providers doesn't support SAML2 but they do support OIDC.
I've gone through the installation instructions at
I am running version 3.4.4 at the moment. What I know is that I haven't
broke my existing shibboleth infrastructure. 

If I understand the main steps to adding a new SP is that attributes need to
be encoded for OIDC and  metadata is json format and attribute-filter needs
to be set apart from the installation guide done previously. 

With that done, is there any online playground I can use to test my OIDC
configuration like the site? What does the community use? I've
tried the but i can't seem to configure it to
point at my IDP. I want to do some testing on my side before telling the SP
that it is installed without fully understanding it myself.

Thank you in advance.

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