Shibboleth SP3 is not doing POST

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Mar 27 07:16:26 EDT 2020

* uraikwar <umesh.raikwar at> [2020-03-27 12:03]:
> Hi *Scott*,I tried *sessionHook*. However, I am not sure I am using it
> correctly. Following the changes I made: Our requirement is to always
> display HTML page after successful login. Currently, the HTML page is
> displayed only when I provide an /"AN_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE"/. In case of valid
> attribute there is a /redirect/ from /sessionHook /url to /return /location.
> Am I doing it correctly? Thanks in advance.

How exactly are you using it? The above sounds like you're using the
built-in AttrChecker as sessionHook. But you can also use your own
code as sessionHook which by definition can do anything you want.

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