Shibboleth SP3 is not doing POST

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Thu Mar 26 05:57:08 EDT 2020

We have an SP initiated SSO setup for our product which combines Shibboleth
SP3 and PingFed IDP. Everything works fine. We are using Shibboleth v3.0.2.
Now there is a change in requirement, we need to a show massage to User
before redirecting to IPD login page and after successful authentication
before redirecting to originating product URL. As per Shibboleth SP3
documentation at
. It seems that customizing *bindingTemplate.html* and *postTemplate.html*
can solve my problem. However, it needed to change SAML artifact binding to
use *POST* rather than a *redirect*. As per documentation found at
<>  ,
*postArtifact="true"* can change the behaviour. However, doing these changes
in shibboleth2.xml, there is no change in behaviour. Still, SP is doing a
redirect to IDP and bindingTemplate.html & postTemplate.html not coming in
picture. This is my shibboleth2.xml-Here, I added
*postTemplate="postTemplate.html"* and *postArtifact="true"
template="bindingTemplate.html"* over existing configuration.Can someone
help me to identify, what wrong I am doing?Thanks in advance.

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