Multiple username attribute

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Wed Mar 25 13:10:30 EDT 2020

You can do something like this in

idp.authn.LDAP.userFilter                       = (|(cn={user})(mail={user}))


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* Kicic Sakib <Sakib.Kicic at> [2020-03-25 09:07]:
> > * Kicic Sakib <Sakib.Kicic at> [2020-03-24 13:42]:
> > > Is it possible to configure multiple "username"  attributes for authentication in
> > > idp.authn.LDAP.userFilter = cn, mail
> >
> > Yes, by using a valid LDAP search filter.
> Do you have any example of that?

Besides searching the web for "LDAP search filters", you mean?

LDAP is defined in RFC 4510 and that tells you that search filters are
defined in RFC 4515 and that actually has examples:

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