Use single shibboleth as SP for multiple sites

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It's not just possible; it's what a large portion of the SP was written for.  Depending on how differently you want the second site to behave and how you want to partition things, it's either a simple or a complex configuration change.

First, you'll need to protect the new URL path.  Then spend a little time thinking whether you want this to look like one logical application to the IdP's.  If not, you'll need to set a unique entityID for the second SP, which will require a little further configuration.  If you want it to behave differently than the other SP in other ways, then you have some more intricate configuration to do.  This is all well-documented in the Wiki.

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 I want to use the single installation of shibboleth as SP for two different sites which are configured on the same server on which shibboleth is installed and configured. 
 e.g. is protected by shibboleth as SP. Now, I want to be protected by same shibboleth installation as SP. Is it possible to to do this? 
Ravresh Kumar
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