I love reloadable services

Joseph Fischetti Joseph.Fischetti at marist.edu
Wed Mar 18 11:33:36 EDT 2020

So not that you're considering getting rid of the ability to reload services, but rather, you don't see the benefit to making other services reloadable going forward?

If that's the case, I can understand that.  The current functionality make it easy to do most standard administrative tasks live (adding service providers, changing attribute resolution/release, etc).

I'll see if I can find the original thread to catch up on what the actual request was.

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> > I’m curious what the context of the comment was.
> I was asked about making something reloadable that wasn't very practical to
> do, and I alluded to the fact that people are operating the software these
> days in ways that are somewhat counter to the software's orignal design
> philosophy (i.e. everything about Docker), and that that was neutering a lot
> of the intended advantages of the reloadability features.
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