I love reloadable services

IAM David Bantz dabantz at alaska.edu
Tue Mar 17 19:02:00 EDT 2020

I've meant to reply to an off-hand comment Scott made several weeks ago
now regarding reloadable services being perhaps of diminished importance as
folks go all in on DevOps: PLEASE, NO!

While DevOps has incredible mind share as current best practice, when I
sketch the additional infrastructure I would need to go all in for running
our IdP
in that mode, it's 4 -10 times the number of "moving parts" of
infrastructure and tools
needing deployment and maintenance.

My tiny environment of 1 active and 1 hot standby IdP nodes, using
services, has not had an unplanned outage in nearly a decade, and I can
deploy new integrations for services configured even roughly correctly on
same day.
There is no way on earth I could do this in full DevOps mode when I reflect
deploying a suitable new VM for v3 IdP took over 1 year.

I appreciate people's interest in scalable DevOps, but it may not be the
reasonable model for small scale deployments with very modest resources.
The use of reloadable resources has incredible utility and value for smaller
scale operations - and they are crucial for wider adoption and reliance on
Shibboleth IdP.

Thank you!

David Bantz
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