Shibboleth SP: Extract saml2p:Response

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Thu Mar 12 18:18:30 EDT 2020

On 3/12/20, 4:47 PM, "users on behalf of Boyd, Todd M." <users-bounces at on behalf of tmboyd1 at> wrote:

> Shibboleth isn’t written in PHP, it’s written in Java.

The SP is in C++ and does not have an API in any event so it doesn't matter what it's written in.

> I don’t think you’ve articulated what you want to do, or perhaps you misunderstand where in the process
> you should be doing it.

That is likely, and this part makes no sense at all:

> A cloud service is passing attributes in the 'saml2p:Response' to a Shibboleth SP (both connected to our IdP).

That's not how SAML works, but to answer the literal question:

> In the Shibboleth SP -- is there a way via PHP to extract the saml2p:Response'?

The response *from the IdP* is not accessible, but the Assertion inside it is. Assertion export and access is covered in the wiki. It is ill-advised, but possible, it's a loopback call over localhost to a URL published into the environment.

 -- Scott

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