o365 objectGUID issue with 3.4.4

berryj berryj at wssu.edu
Wed Mar 11 11:26:45 EDT 2020

I am configuring a new shib installation of v3.4.4(fresh install), we
currently are running 3.2.1 in production. In configuring the new app I put
in the same settings from 321, and fixed any errors that came up. Now my
office365 configuration is passing the objectguid as non-readable characters
for the persistent nameID (I am sure because its a binary attribute. I
followed online videos that showed the configuration(which is what I had
anyway) but it is not working. The old config is working-to-date on the old
installation. I am not getting any IDP errors, its just not passing
properly. Any help would be appreciated as I have been banging my head on
this issue.

       <InputDataConnector ref="myLDAP" attributeNames="objectGUID"/>

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