Release date for 3.1.0

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Mar 5 08:51:28 EST 2020

> Is there a planned release date for 3.1.0?

No, not really. When I can, that's all I can say. Most of the major work is done but the cookie changes are huge and need testing.

With Chrome unlikely to remove the 2 minute rule and nobody else moving rapidly to change the default, I don't see much urgency.

> We act as IdP (with front channel single logout) to multiple third parties, one
> of which is using Shibboleth SP as proxy, and the impact to MacOs/iOS users
> of their service is acceptable if they're able to roll out the SameSite=None
> attribute across cookies.

If you mean they don't care about Safari breaking, they can do that already. The change includes the ability to accommodate Safari.

It also doesn't matter for logout, the SP doesn't require its cookie to be supplied for logout to work.

-- Scott

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