errors from our SP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Mar 4 13:55:58 EST 2020

* Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> [2020-03-04 15:13]:
> Actually building it of course is just XSLT at the end of the
> day. If that's really the stumbling block, I'm sure we can find some
> time to throw a script together this year.

FWIW, leifj had written that for the JSON the departed DiscoJuice used:
(Should be covered by pyff's variant of the 2-clause BSD license.)
That might serve as a starting point for the format the EDS uses.

I'd have to check whether any of the code in (aka
SeamlessAccess) still makes use of that exact format or whether that
was changed.

It's a pity the open source SAML community couldn't agree on a common
JSON representation in almost a decade (and not for lack of trying,
I hear you, Rod).
Though if there's noone else left standing that may make "standardising"
the format easier. It's hard enough getting changes in with only the SP
and the EDS having to agree on a format. ;)


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