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> On Mar 4, 2020, at 7:35 AM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:
>> for this stuff, the bare details needed for a discovery service could
>> be provided as a JSON feed - entityID, Displayname, MDUI details
> ? (others?) to enable a discovery service,
> The SP is the only code in existence that produces that feed at that moment, and it comes from the XML.

And in a world where MDQ becomes the only effective way to deal with federation metadata, we really need the federations to begin providing something like the "JSON feed aggregate" you suggest, Alan. Not a Shib problem, but it is related in terms of how to effectively leverage federated SAML authentication. (I know for the ShibUI work, in order to help users target SPs they want to create a metadata filter for, you really need a full searchable federation metadata summary that has exactly the fields you highlight within it, and nothing more.)

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