CAS app logout in IDP SLO

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Wed Mar 4 03:46:36 EST 2020

Thanks for your valuable insights, Gentlemen.

What I am getting ( I might be wrong ) then.. there is none who actually
made CAS app SLO participation properly work in Shibboleth IDP Production?

On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 2:23 PM Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:

> On 3/3/20, 2:20 PM, "users on behalf of Michael A Grady" <
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> > It doesn't appear to be back-channel only, it appears to in some cases
> pass a POST back thru the user's browser with a
> > logoutRequest parameter. But it also doesn't seem to be consistent. But
> at least in some cases, it appears to be
> > propagating the logout to participating CAS services thru such a POST
> thru the browser.
> Our mechanic for invoking propagation is always done that way to allow the
> UI to report the results, but what happens after that is protocol specific,
> and my understanding is that it's the server hitting an endpoint at the app
> and then tunneling a result back that signals success/failure.
> Marvin can correct me of course, but as I understood things, it was just
> what was informally defined for CAS.
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