How to setup remote auth

Chris alexseedkou at
Tue Mar 3 14:04:51 EST 2020


I have a QQ on how to set up a remote auth. So what I'm here trying to do is
to have an idp initialize work flow:

1) User log in an external IDP
2) This external IDP provide some information of this user to shibboleth
like uid and the SP which the user is trying to access
3) After the shibboleth idp receive this information, it will call another
web application to get some other attribute of this user like group
information, after that shibboleth will send the SAML response to the SP
4) The user can successfully access the SP

Right now it seems that I need to set up the RemoteUserAuthnConfiguration
for shibboleth, if so is there any good document that I could use as
reference to achieve that, if not then what is the best way to achieve this.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.



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