Setting idp.logfiles property in is ignored in IdP V4

Marc Jay marc.jay at
Mon Jun 29 23:41:25 UTC 2020

Hi Scott,

Many thanks for the reply. I've raised 

We encountered the issue because we are not upgrading in-place as our Shibboleth config is fully configuration managed and we destroy and build new environments with each release.

Not that it's important but I strongly believe this is new in 4.0 (can confidently say this did not happen in 3.4.6) - it appears to be since this commit which fixed a typo in the idp.logfiles variable:;a=blobdiff;f=idp-conf/src/main/resources/conf/logback.xml;h=f5d1078ecf5f702c95aea24c789d041e1d8e5199;hp=eeaecf454f1ceefc1b972b644ca40571ad2efbca;hb=da6c9070e58cdbdad68a9d89cc10c995d0d22376;hpb=12e9c375caf83476358e84aa7de03b6dafe9a8ef 

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    > There might be a good reason for this being the way that it is, but I just wanted to highlight this in case there was not.

    There isn't one, but an upgrade wouldn't touch either file so nobody should have anything broken by a change in the behavior, unless it were a change in behavior in logback because the version is different. The variables have been in the file for many releases, it's not new to 4.0.

    Filing the issue would be appreciated, it won't get tracked otherwise.

    -- Scott

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