Logs not generating after Tomcat Upgrade to 9.0.31

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Wed Jun 24 14:34:20 UTC 2020

* Chug, Kshitij (NIH/CIT) [C] <kshitij.chug at nih.gov> [2020-06-23 19:50]:
> We have been using shibboleth IDP and we noticed that the logs
> stopped generating after we upgraded tomcat from 9.0.15 to 9.0.31.

Did you only upgrade Tomcat and nothing else? Do you install Tomcat
manually or from OS/distribution-provided packages?

What's the service manager that's starting Tomcat? If systemd and
you're using systemd's features to restrict file system access you may
have to adapt the paths allowed write access (e.g. ReadWritePaths).


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