Question about CAS and Shibboleth v4.0.1

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Thu Jun 11 16:08:26 UTC 2020

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> What tells the IdP to look in metadata for CAS services?

Your copy of cas-protocol.xml is probably just pre-3.whatever and doesn't have this comment inside it.

       | Uncomment this bean if you want to override the default list of CAS service registries.
       | The default configuration tries to find the relying party in a SAML metadata source and falls back to
       | reloadableServiceRegistry if a match is not found.
    <!--<util:list id="shibboleth.CASServiceRegistries">
        <ref bean="shibboleth.CASMetadataServiceRegistry" />
        <ref bean="shibboleth.CASServiceRegistry" />

The CAS docs are very implicit and rely on reading comments in files.

-- Scott

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