Question about CAS and Shibboleth v4.0.1

Joseph Fischetti Joseph.Fischetti at
Thu Jun 11 13:43:52 UTC 2020


> That's a choice, obviously, you can configure the resolution with either, both, and in whatever order you want. 
> The warnings are a consequence of those choices (and they really shouldn't be warnings, the logging is too high).

I would *much* rather not reconfigure everything to use metadata, but those useless warning are annoying.  Our LMS and our student portal are both CAS so that pops up in the logs for every other login event.

>That will be a hassle to maintain, it's very brittle. LocalDynamic is a better way to handle piles of metadata if you even need or want to use it at all.

Is it much different than cas-protocol.xml?  Reloading is a different process and there's no support for regexing.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

If cas-protocol.xml isn't going away for some reason, I could deal with the warnings... Is there a way to just suppress them though?  I was under the impression they were there because metadata is the chosen management method now.

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