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Lohr, Donald lohrda at
Tue Jun 9 18:26:13 UTC 2020

I have it configured as a "IdP Initiated" solution.

Now folks want SAML auth for individual surveys, which QP supports. Each 
survey has a unique QP url.

I'm looking for another Question Pro .edu customer to see how they did 
their configuration and how they handle individual survey SAML auth.


On 6/9/20 2:16 PM, Peter Schober wrote:
> * Lohr, Donald <lohrda at> [2020-06-09 19:54]:
>> Anyone using this SP and have it configured against their Shibboleth 3x IdP?
> I note their docs at
> don't mention any of /their/ metadata (or entityID, endpoints or
> certificate separately). So it's unclear they support encryption, for
> example.
> Other than that it looks like the usual lowest-possible-support for
> SAML: Doesn't perform signature validation on remotely loaded metadata
> (making the "IDP metadata URL" method unsafe to use), requires custom
> attribute names, suggests/requires email address as unique user
> identifer in attribute "emailAddress" (NameFormat unkown, I'd use
> basic for correctness), etc.
> The part on how additional user data should be sent from
> I don't understand:
>> All the attributes will be stored in the custom variables in a
>> sequential manner first attribute will go in custom1, second
>> attribute in custom2 and so on. [...]
> -peter

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