Compatibility of shibboleth sp and idp versions

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Thank you very much for your response Peter.


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> * luke < at> [2020-06-08 11:46]:
> > We would like to know which versions of Shibboleth Sp are compatible
> > with this version of idp
> Another way to (not) answer this question is by pointing out the
> importance of running supported versions of the software. It is
> security software after all.
> That already tells you what versions you should be running, making the
> question about compatibility a moot point.
> There's a minor exception to what "supported" could mean in the case
> of the Debian packages for the SP, which are supported (to some
> degree) by the Debian packaging and security teams in cooperation with
> the Shibboleth developers and so might differ slightly in their
> "supported" versions from what the Shibboleth project identifies as
> supported.
> None of that matters one bit, of course, since both the IDP and the SP
> support SAML (current and previous version) just fine, assuming that's
> the protocol you're intended of using between the IDP and SP.
> (I'm not aware of any other different protocols they share: The IDP
> supports CAS but the SP does not; the SP supports WS-Fed but the IDP
> does not. The IDP supports OIDC with an extension, the SP does not.)
> -peter
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