RelationalDatabaseConnector with InputDataConnector

Joseph Fischetti Joseph.Fischetti at
Thu Jul 30 18:31:46 UTC 2020

I’m attempting to define a dataconnector that pulls attributes from a database.  The querytemplate needs to include other attributes from our primary attribute store (ldap).

In the past this was accomplished by defining “Dependency ref=myLDAP” inside the RelationalDatabaseConnector (and accessing the attributes with $foo.get(0) inside the QueryTemplate).

Dependency is gone in 4.0 so I tried updating the code with <InputDataConnector ref=”myLDAP” attributeNames= #{ {‘foo’,'bar'} }"/>, but the resulting querytemplate wasn’t substituting the variables.
I was, however, able to define InputAttributeDefinition’s for foo and bar and access them that way.

Is it an issue with the way I defined the InputDataConnector? Or is there an issue with the queryTemplate?  Note the documentation still states that QueryTemplate works with foo,bar,etc if the enclosing element has a <Dependency> [1], but again, <Dependency> is deprecated in 4.0


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