Office 365 Multi-Domain

Matt Brennan brennanma at
Mon Jul 27 17:13:29 UTC 2020

TL;DR: Is there a guide somewhere on how to do this properly?

Hi Folks,

  I'm in the fun situation with MS Office 365 not permitting the same
issuer ID for multiple domains. We have 4 domains on which we need SAML
authentication with Shibboleth. I've gone back and reviewed a couple
threads here, most notably the one started by Vincent Kozlek 5/2/2016 (
In the thread, there's a script provided by Adam Crump, but I note that
Scott says that's not the best way to do it. There's also a code snippet
from Harald Strack, but I'm not good enough with the Shibboleth source to
understand how to make that work.

  Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has yet written something up on how to
do this properly. It seems to occur frequently enough that someone may

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