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Jeremiah Garmatter j-garmatter at
Mon Jul 27 16:14:04 UTC 2020


I have been tasked to configure DUO multi-factor authentication for
shibboleth within my university. I have more experience with this on CAS
but I'm not as familiar with shibboleth. We currently run shibboleth 4.0 on
jetty 9.4.30 with JDK 11.0.8. I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with Java,
xml and the shibboleth architecture to follow the guidelines on
Would anyone have more in-depth explanations, or beginner-friendly reading
material (possibly step-by-step), than those posted on shibboleth's wiki,
or potentially example xml configurations I could view?

I'm most interested in what needs to be configured to allow multi-factor
authentication through DUO and if that can be limited to specific services
through some sort of multi-factor policy the way that CAS allows.

Thank you for your time,

-Jeremiah Garmatter, Systems Administrator
-Ohio Northern University, Class of 2020
j-garmatter at
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