Can Shibboleth 3.4.x delegate authentication to another IDP(such as Azure B2C)

Claude Libois at
Fri Jul 17 09:59:02 UTC 2020

I have never ment to claim I'm a professional and you not.  Sorry if you
feel insulted that wasn't the goal.
I just meant there are sometimes constraints in some
professional environment implies and that doesn't allow us to choose the
best approach.
By the way, I'm feeling really insulted by your own assumption about the
fact that I'm a "bad consultant who tries to make money off someone else".
It's not a  world with  "good people from the community and bad people
working as consultant that steal hard work from community".
I don't make money by choosing the right technical decision. I'm not
different than community developper. I just have client constraints(time,
money, ...) that's all.
About IDPv3 support for openidconnect, reading is easy but finding the
pointer is sometimes quite complex on the shibboleth site... (and you have
insulted for a second time btw).
However, I'm pleased to know there is a possibility to achieve that.

Le ven. 17 juil. 2020 à 11:01, Peter Schober <peter.schober at> a
écrit :

> * Claude Libois < at> [2020-07-17 06:57]:
> > In the professional world things are way more complicated.
> Thanks for insulting everyone here (or just me) as "unprofessional".
> > TBH, a decision has been taken to go out of Shibboleth and aim to
> > run only on azure B2C(lack of openidconnect support is a huge
> > problem).
> If your professional abilities included reading you would have found
> out about OpenID Connect support for Shibboleth IDPv3 and v4:
> > So don't kill the messenger ;-). I'm just an external consultant who
> > hasn't the power to influence the whole way of working of my client.
> I don't kill the messenger, I simply decide to no longer spend any of
> my time for free to help the consultant make money off someone else
> while spreading bullshit about the project.
> -peter
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