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On 7/8/20 5:04 AM, Peter Schober wrote:
> * Lohr, Donald - lohrda <lohrda at> [2020-07-08 01:21]:
>> On occasion I get a non-InCommon SP vendor that reports that they
>> can not use the cert in my IdP metadata because the cert has CRLF in
>> it.
> Well, the IETF standard that exists since 2015 and tries to accomodate
> most existing previous practices is quite clear:
> "parsers SHOULD ignore whitespace and other non-
> base64 characters and MUST handle different newline conventions."
>> I do not understand why some of these vendor can and can not handle
>> my IdP certificate, more over is it something I should even worry
>> about addressing?
> If you provide them with your IDP metadata bilaterally (instead of
> having them pull it from InCommon's MDQ feed, which I'd recommend you
> do instead) there's nothing stopping you from providing each vendor
> with a customised version. That's also very silly, of course, ensuring
> extra work for you in the future, should you ever need to change your
> certificate.
> -peter

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