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> Are you referring to: LocalDynamicMetadataProvider

Yes, that's what he's talking about. The other options are all historical at this point. Filesystem sources are useful when metadata is scripted or provided by some other system. Very rarely there may be use in the old HTTP sourcing option if somebody on campus is maintaining their own metadata feeds.

Otherwise the two dynamic providers are all that matter now. Federations support MDQ and for everything else you dump each SP in a file named for SHA1(entityID) and load it all with LocalDynamic.

e.g. in .bashrc...

dynmd() { echo "/home/shibboleth/idp/metadata/dynamic/`echo -n \"$1\" | sha1sum | awk '{print $1}'`.xml"; }
vimd() { vi `dynmd $1`; }

$ cp some_example_metadata.xml `dynmd`
$ vimd

-- Scott

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