SAML2.0 to SAML1 gateway.

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Feb 26 09:55:08 EST 2020

* Gustavo Duarte <gus.duarte at> [2020-02-26 15:41]:
> Any way, if i would like to use a shibboleth, what of your products i
> should use ? Shibboleth SP and IDP together and also a custom code
> extension ?

Yes, the Shib SP and IDP together. I don't think that requires any
custom code other than maybe a bit of JavaScript to pull in additional
But I think that depends on the attributes you'd be sending from your
SAML 1.x IDP and how the Shib IDP would need to re-assert those over
SAML 2.0 to the MS-ADFS system.

> Sorry, but i don't understand: "Shiboleth SP in front of it for SAML
> 1 inbound"

Protect the SAML 2.0 endpoints of your Shib IDP with the Shib SP that
in turn uses your SAML 1.x IDP for authentication.


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