SAML2.0 to SAML1 gateway.

Gustavo Duarte gus.duarte at
Wed Feb 26 08:31:51 EST 2020

Hi all,

We have an IDP which supports SAML1 and Proprietary rest API working since
several years ago.

Now we should integrate a new Service Providers through an ADFS (Active
Directory Federation Service).

Since ADFS supports only SAML2, we are facing to adapt our IDP to SAML2.
Convert or modify our current IDP, isn't an option, so the solution must be
by building an external module between  the ADFS and IDP.

Escenario 1)
SP  <---> ADFS <---- (SAML2)----> {GW} <---(SAML1)---> IDP.

Escenario 2)
SP  <---> ADFS <---- (SAML2)----> {GW} <---(Custom REST API)---> IDP.

My questions,

Is the Shibboleth IDP suitable to work as GW in one of these escenarios ?

What documentation can i start to read ?

Thanks you very much !!

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