shibboleth repository for SLES 12 SP5

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue Feb 18 06:00:34 EST 2020

* UM-IT <UM-IT at> [2020-02-18 09:39]:
> > We're basically headed towards dropping support there once we redo
> > the packaging in AWS anyway, so for all intents and purposes please
> > consider this a clear signal we're moving to members only support
> > for it, and solely based on the packages they distribute. If they
> > don't have a maintained package on 12, I would be getting off it and
> > on to OpenSUSE
> That means, that even if there is a repository for SLES 12 SP5 right
> now, that does not indicate that there will be ongoing builds of new
> SP-versions until SP5 is EOL

That's not how I understood things but I'll let Scott clarify.

> So all SLES users have these options:
> - verify if SuSE maintains their SP 2.5.5. package and backports all
>   security patches. If this is the case we could downgrade to
>   2.5.5. -> will there be compatibility issues with currently used
>   IdPs or has the API between SP and IdP been held stable so that
>   there won't be any communication protocol issues? 

The "API" between any (SAML) IDP and (SAML) SP is the SAML protocol,
so generally no, that won't affect things.
Of course earlier versions might be missing features (or crypto
algorithm support) you find desirable, but only you can determine
whether that's the case.

> Are my assumptions correct?

You're missing the alternative of building the software from source
yourself (and in IT "yourself" always includes having someone else do
it for you).


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