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Mon Feb 17 09:37:13 EST 2020

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>It works for me on IdP 3.4.6 on tomcat 8.5.50, Ubuntu 18.04. In fact I'm
> doing something slightly more exotic (and possibly frowned upon -
> probably shouldn't do this unless you have good reasons): packaging the
> part of my config that is not "per server" in the war file itself:
> <Parameter name="idp.home" value="classpath:config" override="false" />

It's not frowned upon, just not totally reliable because there are too many Spring-isms that can get in the way of it working. It may work, even mostly work, we just don't test it that way. The architecture was designed to try and allow it in the longer term.

Trying to move system configurations into the jars is a similar thing, but Spring Web Flow makes that much harder than it should be because they botched a lot of the lower level Spring behavior and locked it down too much with bad assumptions. We managed it (seemingly) with the V4 OIDC plugin but I don't know how well we'll pull off moving the core files in for V5.

-- Scott

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