IdP 3.3.1 to 3.4.6 -- transientID difference?

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sat Feb 15 06:15:56 EST 2020

* Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> [2020-02-14 22:36]:
> Please stop doing that. You will continue to waste your time and
> have nothing but pain. Eventually you'll decide that upgrading is
> too hard, but it isn't, not when you simply apply the upgrade. We
> spend dozens of hours making it work.
> I don't understand what is causing this, but it will get worse with
> every new patch.

Assuming "this" above means: "What is causing people to do new
installs and recreate their config using current and supported means"
-- answering this for myself I prefer to keep current with software
(including changed defaults, mostly) so in order to avoid large diffs
from age-old config to what a new install of that same software
version would look like I usually start from scratch (with new major
versions) and re-apply (only) the changes I want to make using then
current methods. (E.g. configuring NameIDs using the nameid support
not using the attribute resolver, moving to Velocity from JSP, etc.)

I'm well aware you don't approve of that but I've had no problems with
that approach basically ever. Probably because what I'm doing with the
IDP so far has been extremely limited (no MFA, no fancy intercepts,
etc.) as well as essentially having no weird/broken SPs to deal with.


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