Shibboleth upgrade from V3.3.1 to V3.4.6

Thu Feb 13 14:48:17 EST 2020

<AttributeRule attributeID="transientId">
            <PermitValueRule xsi:type="ANY" />

I have that part of code in my attribute-filter.xml.

I have enabled idp.transientId.generator in saml-nameidproperties.xml

idp.transientId.generator = shibboleth.CryptoTransientIdGenerator

I am getting warning like this.
Java class 'net.shibboleth.idp.saml.attribute.resolver.impl.TransientIdAttributeDefinition': This will be removed in the next major version of this software; replacement is via NameID Generation configuration.

Am I missing something else?

Thanks & Regards
Anusha Reddimalli

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Subject: Shibboleth upgrade from V3.3.1 to V3.4.6

Hi Team,

We are trying to upgrade Shibboleth V3.3.1 to V3.4.6. I am seeing so many warnings(DEPRECATED).

Here is one of them: WARN [net.shibboleth.ext.spring.config.StringBooleanToPredicateConverter:51] - Unrecognized value 'conditional' converted to false; if intentional, explicitly use 'false'

And there are so many warnings like this. Few I have found solutions from Few I could not resolve.
Could you please help me with resolving those issues?

Thanks & Regards
Anusha Reddimalli

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