ECP MFA -- 'mfa-authn-config.xml'

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Feb 12 09:42:58 EST 2020

> The '' appear to be set as expected. Is there another piece I could
> have overlooked in my delirious state after an afternoon by the screen?

I can't really do more on list, this is a members sort of support issue.

All of authentication is fundamentally controlled by the supportedPrincipals properties of all the various objects per the "method selection" documentation. That's how it all works. You can't even *keep* ECP from working without deliberately manipulating the principal objects being requested or supported to exclude flows, or by subverting the system with best avoided brute force mechanisms to limit the login flows used by  particular profiles or relying parties.

If it's not running the logs on DEBUG wlll absolutely document why.

-- Scott

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