Shibboleth SP issue - empty entityID causes seg fault

Iain Hadgraft iain.hadgraft at
Tue Feb 11 09:58:52 EST 2020


I have come across a reproducible issue with Shibboleth SP that I experienced on CentOS 7.  The attached Dockerfile provides a demonstration of two scenarios: one when entityID is set to a value, and another when entityID is an empty string.  In the scenario where entityID is an empty string, shibd crashes with a seg fault.   More specific documentation is contained within the Dockerfile.

This was discovered when a templated shibboleth2.xml file wasn't getting a value for entityID due to a typo.  It's probably rare that this would affect users, but I thought it might be useful to share due to the indication of an unhandled condition.


Iain Hadgraft
Web Developer
Duke University Office of
Information Technology

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